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  • Forecast: Five foul weather rides
    In wicked weather, Chris Schotz took on the Tuscobia 75, Trans-Iowa, Chequamegon 100, Maah Daah Hey 100 and Heck Epic mountain bike races earlier this year. 
  • Wis. bike shop owner finishes 3,000-mile race in less than 9 days
    Wisconsin bike shop owner David Haase finished 2nd overall and top American solo rider of the 2015 Race Across America (RAAM). He completed the 3,000-mile bicycle race on June 26 having battled the desert heat, several mountain ranges, weather, wind, sleep deprivation and saddle sores. 
  • Fast women
    On a good day, women make up just 15 percent of the field at a mountain bike race. Who are these strong women? To find out, I assembled a panel of the toughest women on two wheels and set out to discover what brings them to the front. 
  • No Tuscobia phobia
    Against all odds, I was poised to steal a win seven hours into the 75-mile fat bike race at this year’s Tuscobia Winter Ultra held between Rice Lake and Park Falls, Wisconsin. That didn’t look at all likely at the start, when the sub-zero temp caught me a little off guard. I was losing sensation in my toes before I even got off the bus. 
  • Chequamegon 100 organizers set date, incorporate
    The Chequamegon 100 mountain bike race is set for June 20 in Cable, Wisconsin, with a new ambitious organization behind it aiming to put on similar events in neighboring Minnesota.  
  • What matters most

    For all those who have chased him, it’s hard to imagine Brian Matter ever thought about quitting. But the professional mountain bike and cyclocross racer from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, was at that point in 2004: tired of eating peanut butter and rice, frustrated by meager winnings and fed up with long drives to race all over the country.

  • Axletree in Illinois: What grassroots bike advocacy looks like
    What happens when a bicycle shop chooses to broaden its focus on selling bikes but to include bicycling advocacy? Something pretty darn special happens. You’d think every bike shop in the world would also advocate for bicycling, and many do. But it’s rare I find one which works so hard at it as North Central Cyclery and Axletree. 
  • A veteran bike racer and American Birkebeiner skier died early Wednesday morning from the injuries she suffered in crash during the Cleghorn Harvest Fest race, part of the WiSport citizen racing series,

  • Gravel grinding
    To ride gravel roads is to double your possibilities on a bike. Once shunned by the skinny tire crew, gravel gets a rider away from the traffic and into another dimension of the terrain previously hidden from view. 
  • Go fat!

    Dozens of builders, now being joined by industry giants Trek and Specialized, offer fat bike models in any material from steel to full carbon. Pounds of weight have been cut from wheel designs, and fat bikers have enough tire and winter gear choices to consume any disposable income. The new fat bikes handle more like mountain bikes on sand and snow than the dune buggies they once were.

  • The Tour of Elk Grove, which brought elite cyclists to the northwest Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village for the past eight years, may not be held again. Organizers said a scheduling conflict with the Tour of Utah prevent the Midwest event from drawing top riders in early August. 
  • Leashing licensed cyclists
    A new UCI rule will force riders to choose between sanctioned events, such as races in the Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS), and nonsanctioned, grassroots events in the upper Midwest, like the Chequamegon 40 or Ore to Shore Mountain Bike Epic. The penalty for violating the rule is one month’s suspension and a fine of $66 to $132. 
  • In a recent column in this magazine, I wrote about the public's general feeling of disillusionment over Lance Armstrong's decision to not fight the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's accusations against him, and the resulting loss of his seven Tour de France titles and a lifetime ban from competitive cycling and other competitions. Not because he was at that time admitting guilt, but because he was tired of the fight.  
  • Should a newcomer to the sport of triathlon upgrade their road bike, add triathlon-oriented accessories to their current road bike or buy a triathlon-specific model?  
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