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  • The joy and curse of the pack mentality
    Half of me rejoices in seeing so many cyclists out being active and enjoying our plethora of dairy roads. But the other half of me knows situations like these are disasters waiting to happen. 
  • Bike the Barn Quilts around Shawano, Wis., Sept. 26
    Scenic routes varying in distance from five to 70 miles feature eight-foot by eight-foot quilt squares on the sides of local barns that will only be enhanced by the fall colors. 
  • In September, Trek Bicycle expected to begin selling complete bikes to consumers through its website 
  • You may doubt there are many differences between steel bikes from one builder to the next. But you need to look at their frames as artwork. These builders take form and function into equal consideration. They are part engineer and part artist, and each build is like a snowflake; no two are the exactly same. 
  • Wis. bike shop owner finishes 3,000-mile race in less than 9 days
    Wisconsin bike shop owner David Haase finished 2nd overall and top American solo rider of the 2015 Race Across America (RAAM). He completed the 3,000-mile bicycle race on June 26 having battled the desert heat, several mountain ranges, weather, wind, sleep deprivation and saddle sores. 
  • Bike tax killed and cyclist hurt in crash
    Current Wisconsin lawmakers kill a proposed bike tax and a former lawmaker seriously injuries a biker. 
  • Cyclocross finds a new home in Madison
    After a three-year hiatus, Madison, Wisconsin, residents will finally be able to train for cyclocross within city limits starting this August. 
  • Two winters' worth of controversy over fat biking on the the VASA Trails coveted by Nordic skiers in northern lower Michigan is resulting development of a new multiuse nonmotorized winter trail. 
  • Axletree in Illinois: What grassroots bike advocacy looks like
    What happens when a bicycle shop chooses to broaden its focus on selling bikes but to include bicycling advocacy? Something pretty darn special happens. You’d think every bike shop in the world would also advocate for bicycling, and many do. But it’s rare I find one which works so hard at it as North Central Cyclery and Axletree. 
  • Wanted: More women in cyclocross
    The women who embrace the mud, the make-your-lungs-bleed intensity and the craziness of cyclocross, don’t feel neglected, but they do have a few ideas on the reasons behind their small numbers. 
  • With 12 bicyclists killed on Wisconsin roads in 2012, the state’s fatality total ranked 19th in the nation. Such numbers provide a simple way to compare the number of bicyclist fatalities in each state, but fall short of providing a fatality rate based on the number of cyclists. Surveys, for example, put the number of cyclists in Wisconsin at roughly 2.5 million. 
  • A weekend of cyclocross in Wisconsin

    Silent Sports scribes Tom Held and Joel Patenaude each put their aging bodies on the line at cyclocross races this weekend in Verona and Grafton, Wisconsin.

  • Cyclocross now
    Don't put that bike away just because it's getting colder. At least keep out of storage your fatter-tired road bikes for cyclocross season, underway this weekend and running through December. 
  • WEB EXCLUSIVE: Mountain bike racing at the Fall Color Festival
    The Fall Color Festival has something for riders of all abilities. It is usually held on the last weekend in September. This year's festival is scheduled for September 27. The morning race options are 30, 22 and 12 mile rides. In the afternoon there are some shorter rides of 5 miles, a children’s solo ride and a parent-child ride. Other festival activities include a craft tent for kids, beginner’s mountain biking seminar, beer tent and live music. A typical FCF draws 350 riders and 200 spectators. 
  • Matter and Rinehart win shortened Chequamegon 40
    Brian Matter and Jenna Rinehart won their sixth and fifth respective titles earlier today at the Chequamagon 40 on a course shortened to 38.5 miles due to recent rainfall and tree blowdown. 
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