A 63-year-old man from Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, is charged with three felony counts of recklessly endangering safety after he allegedly tried to run three cyclists off the road and slammed on the brakes in front of them.

The August 7 incident in Wind Point, Wisconsin, resulted in the filing of charges against Leslie L. Schmidt, on September 16.

According to the Journal Times of Racine, Schmidt told police he had “issues” with bicyclists after a group of them once “flipped him off.”

Schmidt allegedly admitted to police “that day’s trio wasn’t the same group of cyclists,” the newspaper reported.

The cyclists Schmidt allegedly endangered said they first heard a car revving its engine from behind them as they rode. The vehicle, a Ford Coupe Replica, passed them but later returned to pass within inches. One of the cyclists threw water from her bottle at the car and yelled at the driver. The driver reportedly pulled in front of the bikers and slammed on the brakes, causing her to hit the rear bumper of the car and fall over, according to the newspaper.