WIN Cycling, a new effort to establish mountain biking clubs in Wisconsin schools, is backed by the Wisconsin Off Road Series, the country's largest statewide mountain biking race series.

WIN Cycling is a nonprofit organization that will provide leadership, coaching, training, volunteer fund raising and development assistance for student mountain bike clubs. WORS will support WIN Cycling organizationally and financially, according to a WORS press release.

The goal of WIN Cycling is have 12 to 15 clubs established in 2014 and offer a four-race series that year. The first WIN State Championship race would be held in 2015.

As a way to spur student interest this year, WORS will host the first ever Wisconsin Scholastic Championships at Cascade Mountain in Portage on September 28.

WORS already has a category for juniors - 2,700 of which competed in WORS races in 2012.

"With the success of WORS, Wisconsin's great bike culture and the state's large bike industry, bringing mountain biking to our schools just seems like the next logical step," said Don Edberg, a founder of WORS and the series director.

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