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  • The joy and curse of the pack mentality
    Half of me rejoices in seeing so many cyclists out being active and enjoying our plethora of dairy roads. But the other half of me knows situations like these are disasters waiting to happen. 
  • New book: Bike Battles
    In a Q&A with James Longhurst, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse professors explains what inspired him to write Bike Battles: A History of Sharing the American Road 
  • The identification of a network of long-distance bicycle routes throughout Wisconsin is underway, coordinated by the Department of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Bike Fed. 
  • How Door County does it
    While the peninsula jutting into lake Michigan has nearly 300 miles of coastline, I wondered how the county can support three distinct century rides every year, not to mention multiple running races and a triathlon. So I decided to ask the event organizers. I wanted to know the dirt if you will. 
  • A sense of place
    For me, one map creates a unique sense of place because I’ve worked on it for over 30 years. I’ve researched it, tweaked it, overhauled it and published it. When I look at it, I see lines and names, but I also see segments of roads as experienced from the seat of a bicycle. 
  • GRABAAWR: 30 years of a cross-state tour
    Before the tour filled to capacity, months ago I managed to secure a spot in the 30th annual GReat Annual Bicycle Adventure Along the Wisconsin River (GRABAAWR). The cross-state tour starts June 20 and ends June 27. 
  • Is this Michigan’s most scenic cycling tour?
    "Why is it one of my favorite tours?" Dave Foley asks. "Probably because I love pedaling by water and there is an abundance of it along this route. This 18-mile-long peninsula, which is the divider between East and West Traverse Bays, has three major roads, all them offering lake views." 
  • Want to ride 200K? How about 1,200K?

    Half of the Minnesota Randonneurs's rides are 200K or shorter, and this year, for the first time, they will offer four gravel rides of 100K to 150K. Randonneuring groups in the upper Midwest primarily offer rides, called brevets, of 100K, 200K, 300K, 400K and 600K. A full schedule of brevets is listed here.

  • With all the complaining I do about riding in the extreme cold, you may be surprised that I help out with the group Madison Bike Winter. Yes, I actually ride with and plan events for a group that counts down the days until the winter solstice in June. 
  • A bitter battle over bike lanes blazes in Barrington Hills, Ill.
    The war of words has spilled onto the letters pages of a local newspaper and the editorial board has weighed in. 
  • Reflections on the Tour de France, with Matthew Busche
    Matthew Busche had little time – just one week – to regroup after his first Tour de France and throw himself back into the mountains at the Tour of Utah. 
  • Matthew Busche on crashes, breakaways and pain in the Tour de France
    It’s easy to understand why Tour de France rookie Matthew Busche calls this “the hardest race I’ve ever done, everything from the speed to the course to the conditions.” 
  • RAGBRAI: America's favorite bicycle ride
    For 42 years and counting. RAGBRAI – the world’s largest, longest and oldest bicycle touring event – is part roving county fair and part Mardis Gras on wheels across Iowa. 
  • Gravel grinding
    To ride gravel roads is to double your possibilities on a bike. Once shunned by the skinny tire crew, gravel gets a rider away from the traffic and into another dimension of the terrain previously hidden from view. 
  • Runs, walks and bike rides are a popular way for charitable organizations to combine fun, fund raising and awareness for their causes. The April issue of a Chicago-area running magazine included 32 ads for upcoming citizen athletic events. Over a third of the ads touted a charity tie-in.  
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