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  • The most dangerous race
    "Henriette, slow down and let others win the races." Her father’s command was what she had to follow if her family was to survive the Nazi occupation of their country, Luxembourg. 
  • Suddenly logic felt like retreat. Sensible behavior seemed more like cowardice. That other guy? He was a true trail runner. Me? Not so much.  
  • The best Birkie ever
    FOOTLOOSE with Bruce Steinberg
    Carol and I raised over $6,500 in pledges for a clinic that specialized in macular degeneration research. All I had to do was finish the 1994 Birkie filled with the calamities; calamities that paled in comparison to what Carol and other sufferers of macular degeneration have to cope with every day.
  • At the beginning of this year, the recreation center I belong to started a challenge for members willing to take it up. Using the honor system, participants enter their aerobic mileage in a daily log located at the rec center's front desk. Based on the totals at the end of 2013, members can win prizes. This is supposed to be a challenge for each participant against himself or herself. However, things have gotten a bit personal among the participants atop the mileage leaderboard, and I felt a need to respond to one participant in particular.  
  • In a recent column in this magazine, I wrote about the public's general feeling of disillusionment over Lance Armstrong's decision to not fight the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency's accusations against him, and the resulting loss of his seven Tour de France titles and a lifetime ban from competitive cycling and other competitions. Not because he was at that time admitting guilt, but because he was tired of the fight.  
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