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  • Not my day

    Wham! I slammed face first into the stern of a kayak. The paddler, part of the swim support crew, had entered the swim zone to attend to another struggling swimmer. Trying to regain my composure and wipe away the blood streaming from my nose, I moved on. That was only the first of several crashes that day.

  • An icon returns
    “When they mothballed the (Bell Canoe Works) molds, people all across the country would search me out and asked if I was going to build canoes again,” Ted Bell said. “Once my noncompete expired, I decided it was time to get back into the industry.” 
  • Many triathletes spend hundreds of hours training in indoor YMCA pools. But when it comes to racing season, the majority of the swim legs at event take place in inland lakes. Swimming in large bodies of water, like Lake Michigan, can be far different experience.  
  • As spring 2013 arrived, I lifted that decades old steel-framed Ross down from the garage hooks, brushed away the cobwebs and sat on the cracked saddle. I decided to turn the Utopian into a singlespeed commuter.  
  • Quenching your thirst
    GEAR with Lou Dzierzak
    There are more options than ever to carry water with you on your adventures. Once limited to heavy plastic bottles stored in hip belt holsters, athletes can now choose from handhelds, belts with multiple bottles and lightweight technical vests.
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