The best week-long bike tour I've done - complete with great scenery every day, rolling hills with spectacular lake views, ideal weather, good camping locations and plenty of tasty food - was the Shoreline West Bike Tour last August. 

The tour covered 445 miles between Montague and Mackinaw City, Michigan, in seven days. This was the 28th year for the tour and was filled to capacity with more than 450 bikers. 

Although my biking buddies from Wisconsin were along (Dorothy, Sandy, Sue and Dave), I rode mostly with Dave as we both love to stop and enjoy the many fun places along the way. 

For example, on the first day of riding from Montague to Ludington (63 miles), Dave and I stopped at the Cherry Point Farm for a cherry pastry, the lighthouse overlooking Lake Michigan, the sand dunes at Silver Lake, and the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant Scenic Overlook. On day two, I met my friend Bryce in Onekama. Together we rode up the first of the hills dubbed the "Three Sisters" for ice cream in Arcadia. At the top of second, called Watermelon Hill, we were treated to, naturally, watermelon. 

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