Hundreds of paddlers come to Wausau, Wisconsin, every year to paddle Wausau Whitewater, a man-made course in the heart of the city. In fact, Wausau Whitewater draws the best paddlers in the country for training, competition and fun.

Wausau Whitewater will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the course with a “40 Years of Water” event on Saturday, September 6. The event will include boat demos, kids’ games and an evening picnic.

The event will be held on a “recreational release” weekend,  when the facility is open to anyone with a boat and equipment and looking for a river to paddle. The last two recreational releases of the season are set for September 6-7 and September 20-21. 

Beginner to intermediate paddlers can also register for a few hours of instruction. Courses vary in length and skill level, but all include a complete outfitting and small group instruction at an affordable rate.

Wausau Whitewater has come a long way in 40 years. Just this past June it hosted paddlers from around the country at the slalom races in the Age Group Nationals and the Buttercup Series. And August 16-17, the Midwest Freestyle Championships also returned, with competitors showing off their skills as they navigated through the gates in the fast-moving rapids.

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