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5 symptoms of menopause: What you can do to help relieve them
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Dry eye affects most menopausal women; nutrition can help
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New Online Toolkit Now Available to Help People Living with Lung Cancer
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You're as young as you dream [Infographic]
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Testing for infectious diseases early in pregnancy is key [Infographic]
7 facts to power through the toughest cold or flu
Lack of flu preparedness: What you need to know to protect your family
National Children's Dental Health Month reminds parents of the importance of oral health
Discover unexpected ways to drink more water
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Spring clean your health
Colon cancer survivor's journey inspires a new country song
How wide is America's nutrition knowledge gap? [Infographic]
Are you 50? Time to get tested and prevent colorectal cancer
10 tips for kids' good dental health
7 simple tips to help babies adjust to daylight saving time
6 tips for a safe outpatient surgery experience
Do you know the GI malignancy that's second only to colon cancer? [Infographic]
The invisible battle: managing your chronic pain
Roadmap to a healthy heart [Infographic]
Golf legend Arnold Palmer and actor-writer-comedian Kevin Nealon find common ground in fight against blood clots
Identifying pain medication addiction in your friends; yourself
Do your supplements stack up? 4 tips to ensure they make the grade
New survey reveals insights into emotional and physical impact of a fatal lung disease [Infographic]
5 tips to slash prescription drug costs
Moms in training: 3 sanity-saving tips for new mothers
Forget the pricey trip to the spa with simple DIY tips and tricks
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Living with MS, finding inner strength
How the Affordable Care Act may affect your tax refund
Nutrition choices made easy in the grocery aisle
Hepatitis C: A hidden disease [Infographic]
5 tips for service members to stay mission ready [Infographic]
Why experts recommend skin-to-skin contact for infants
The key to a gluten-free breakfast sandwich: potatoes
Every day heart health in February and beyond
A little inspiration can go a long way for people living with relapsing multiple sclerosis
Pocket doors offer accessibility in every home
The important role vaccines may play in helping to keep children and adults healthy
Awareness of COPD growing but many remain undiagnosed
Easy tips to help beat calorie-overload this year
What would Harvey Cushing do about the state of Cushing's disease management today?
The cost of catching a cold or the flu [Infographic]
Under pressure: How to manage stress before it affects your health
Are you at risk for a cardiovascular event? [Infographic]
Give your game day fans delicious and healthy snacks to help them cheer their team on to victory
Add 1 often-overlooked task to your childproofing plan: Secure your TVs
About Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D.) in Adults [Infographic]
Look 10 years younger with expert anti-aging tips
Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D.): An Adult Patient's Journey [Infographic]
The 9 to 5 of cold and flu in the mid-atlantic [Infographic]
5 health improvements you can make today that will pay off for a lifetime
5 tips to help improve your digestive health
3 ways to make your backyard irresistible to kids this summer
3 hearty breakfast recipes for everyone in a hurry
Spring and flu are here: 5 tips to keep you healthy
Poised for success: Treating hearing loss pays dividends on the job
Senior women: Simple, must-do ways to reduce heart disease risks
5 simple parenting tips guaranteed to transform your picky eater
5 ways to keep your New Year's resolution
Small-batch cooking trend moves from human tables to pets' plates
5 reasons to get your kids' hearing checked this year
Women's pain: Common, treatable and often overlooked or mismanaged [Infographic]
Simple swaps for a healthy lifestyle
5 easy-to-accomplish New Year's resolutions with a big health impact
The best New Year's resolution? Don't make one
What you need to know to control this silent killer
Speaking up is more vital than ever for women with advanced breast cancer, survey shows
Better knowledge, products make 'aging gracefully' easier than ever
5 simple ways to disconnect and enjoy 15 minutes of 'me time'
A closer look at multiple myeloma [Infographic]
Flu myths versus facts for parents and caregivers [Infographic]
Tips to prevent prescription drug abuse at home
Operation safety: Tips to make every bath a safe bath
February is Heart Month: 5 surprising facts that might save your life
You can prevent cervical cancer
7 mind-blowing ways smart hearing aids can change your life
A simple conversation could help provide life-saving information during and after pregnancy
Why is it so hard for all of us to lose weight?[Infographic]
Are you at risk for type 2 diabetes?
More than just annoying: The link between snoring and heart disease
Nothing to sneeze at: 5 tips for seasonal allergy relief
What you need to know about multiple myeloma
Show support for the 30 million who fight rare diseases [Infographic]
A small change can make a big nutrition difference [Infographic]
7 big (but easy) ways businesses can reduce employee absenteeism
Health trumps wealth in importance to retirees' well-being
Whole grains and heart health go hand-in-hand [Infographic]
Can't keep a resolution? Outside support can help
Learn how to combat symptoms this cold and flu season
Think it's too soon to start planning your child's summer? Think again
Tips to help cancer patients prevent infections during the winter
What are you doing to protect your eyes from too much screen time? [Infographic]
The Impact of Meningococcal Disease in the United States
New treatments offer hope to elders with macular degeneration
What couples starting a family should know about prenatal testing
Diabetes and holidays can go together better than chocolate and peanut butter
You'll see the benefits of protecting your eyes with these tips
Feeling short of breath? It could be something serious
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