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  • Black Lives Matter targets Twin Cities Marathon
    One could argue that the Black Lives Matter movement would be better off putting on events rather than standing in the way of existing events. But organizing an event around their issue would be much more difficult than blocking and shouting at a mass of runners.
  • Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon to allow more runners
    The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon will expand its registration limit to 3,500 for its 35th anniversary race on October 4, adding 300 slots to the state’s largest 26.2-mile test. 
  • Registration now open for new Milwaukee marathon in November 2015
    Early registration is now open for the new Milwaukee Running Festival, with a 5K, half marathon and marathon scheduled to be run through the city on November 1, 2015. 
  • New Milwaukee marathon wins preliminary approval
    The effort to create a large-scale marathon within the City of Milwaukee moved off the starting line this week, with a preliminary go-ahead from a Common Council Committee. 
  • Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon won by hometown heroes
    Both male and female victors of Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon on Sunday enjoyed the hometown atmosphere, returning as a prodigal son and daughter. 
  • With the legendary Dick Beardsley cheering him on, Dominic Onodoro on June 21 beat the Grandma’s Marathon course record the Minnesota native had set in 1981, at the height of his incredible career. 
  • We were diverted off the course and told the race was stopped at the 25.5-mile mark. We continued to run not realizing the extent of events at the finish line. We ended up running 26.3 miles before we stopped. In a blink of an eye it was over. 
  • Despite having run marathons all over the country, I have never run New York. My son Noah thought that in honor of my 60th birthday, it would be a great thing if he could run his first marathon as I ran my last there in the Big Apple. 
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